Research activities of Ivo Petras




Areas of research:


·       Fractional order systems (linear, nonlinear – chaotic),

·       Methods for stability investigation of dynamical systems,

·       Numerical methods for solution of fractional differential equations,

·       Electrical circuits with memory,

·       Total least squares method (orthogonal regression, error-in-variables)

·       Fractional order controllers design and implementation,

·       Mathematical modeling of processes.



Leader of granted projects:


·       APVV-22-0508: “Research of modern methods, algorithms, and tools for mathematical modeling, analysis, simulation, prediction, and control of dynamic processes in complex systems and structures” (2023-2027),

·       VEGA 1/0365/19: “Research and development of modern methods, algorithms and means for modeling, analysis, simulation and control of objects and processes” (2019-2022),

·       SK-PL-2015-0038: “Modeling, identification and simulation of the fractional-order diffusion processes” (2016-2017),

·       APVV-14-0892: “Modern methods, algorithms and tools for modeling, simulation, control, analysis and synthesis of processes and control systems” (2015-2019),

·       VEGA 1/0552/14: „Modern methods of modeling, analysis, and control of technological objects and processes“ (2014-2016),

·       VEGA 1/0390/10: „Methods, algorithms, and tools for modeling, analysis, and synthesis of control systems of technological objects and processes“ (2010-2011),

·       SK-PL-0052-09: „Fractional Calculus in Control and Signal Processing“ (2010-2011),

·       VEGA 1/3132/06: „Research and develop of methods for modeling and control of fractional order chaotic systems“ (2006-2008).



Hosted visitors:


·       Prof. Ing. Ivan Taufer, DrSc.  (Univerzita Pardubice, ÈR): May - June 2009,

·       Professor Blas M. Vinagre (University of Extremadura, Spain): July 2009,

·       Dr. Dominik Sierociuk (Warsaw University of Technology, PL): March- July  2011,

·       Mgr. Grzegorz Sarwas (Warsaw University of Technology, PL): May – July 2011,

·       Professor Richard L. Magin (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA): May 2011.





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